Top 5 Best massage Chairs review 2016

Are you looking for the best massage chairs? If yes, then you are on the right place. Today in this blog I will review top 5 best massage chairs in front of you. These different reviews will help you in choosing the best massage chair among the top 5 brand.

Massaging chairs offer a more affordable and user-friendly alternative with the same benefits. As we all know that buying the best massage chair is not a very easy task. You need to always think twice and thrice because you are spending your lots of money in buying this. There are many choices and prices that range from $500 to over $8,000 and it can become quite confusing.

Below you can check a chart of the top 5 massage chairs and their price range and everything.

Best Massage Chair EC01:

  • Buttocks: high power vibration motor and air pressure massage
  • Thighs: double-layered air bags
  • Calves: air bags massage
  • Arm: air squeeze
  • 1 year limited warranty – which includes full coverage of all parts for 1 years

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 Osaki 4000 executive zero gravity                                                                               oskai

  • Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • 12 Unique Auto Programs: Healthcare, Therapy, Circulation, Relax, Smart, and Demo
  • 6 Massage Techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo
  • Complete Massage for Upper Body (Shoulders, Neck, Back and lumbar) and the Lower Body (Buttocks, Thighs, Calves and Feet)
  • FREE Curbside Delivery Included!

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Inada Sogno Dreamwave                                                                                             Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

  • The broadest massage coverage is available more (over 1,200 square inches) than any other massage chair recliner in the world. Let this massage chair cradle your whole body in soothing shiatsu therapy and relief.
  • Proprietary inada dream wave technology a gentle, undulating figure, 8 motion that mimics how a massage therapists balances the body during a shiatsu massage session
  • Proprietary and most capable and complete stretch function that you will find offers extension and flexion and gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips
  • Proprietary youth session a more gentle massage session specially designed for younger users (14+) allows people of all generations to enjoy the healing benefits of the sogno dream wave massage chair
  • Healthcare programs eight pre-programmed massage sequences including revolutionary morning and nighttime programs perfected by inada

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Best Massage Chair EC06                                                                                        Best Massage Chair EC06

  • Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to relax muscle stress, reducing fatigue and rejuvenating the mind and body.
  • Compression and Percussion: Improves flexibility. mobility and posture of the legs.
  • Chop Action Tapping and Flapping: Reduces soreness and ache fasten, relax stiff muscles and soften thick layers of fatty deposits, stimulate nerves and stressed muscles.
  • Easy to follow install video
  • 1 year limited warranty – which includes full coverage of all parts for 1 year, labor is not included and the warranty paper is in the package or we can send to you if needed

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Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair                                                             panasonic

  • High Quality Leather Upholstery with Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology, Auto Recline and Air Ottoman System
  • 4 Pre-set Programs that include Shiatsu, Swedish, Quick and Chiro Mode, Easy-to-use Remote Control for personalized massage
  • 8 Manual Massage Operations: Knead, Compression, Swedish, Hawaiian, Full & Regional Roll, Soft Shiatsu and Tapping,
  • Striking Brushed Aluminum Accents and Detailed Stitching finish, 3 years Parts / 1 Year Labor,
  • Upright Dimesnions: 43.3″ (H) x 30.3″ (W) x 47.4″ (D), 144lbs, 240W Power Consumption.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Massage Chair

Below I have mentioned some tips that will help you in choosing the best massage chair. It could be very difficult for a person to decide which type of massage chair he should choose. There are lots of factors that can confuse you. So do not get confuse between lots of factors. Although, different types of massage chairs are available in the market that people are buying.

Here are a few tips that will help you out when you go shopping for that perfect massage chair for you.

  • Reflect and identify your priorities.
  • Sort out your budget.
  • Do your research
  • Shop around
  • Pick your selle
  • Check out user feedback
  • Check the Warranty

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Make An Informed Decision When Buying A Chair Massage

Buying a massage chair for home use is a big investment. So it is only right that you are armed with the information needed to buy the best massaging chair that’s right for you.

To help you with this, we will show you specific information about each chair model, what and who  it’s primarily made for, and what previous buyers have to say about each company’s customer service.

We’ll help you slim down your choices and from there help you decide which one to purchase by using our model comparison. This should give you very detailed information on specs and important features.

We also have helpful information on specific massage chair needs

  • Massage chairs for back pain
  • Massage chairs for lower back
  • Portable massage chairs
  • Best massage chairs for the legs and neck